Words that Annoy Me

Feel free to add to the list in comments.  I add as I remember what annoys me.

1.  Moist
2.  Whimsy
3.  At the end of the day.
4.  Man Cave
5.  Believe You Me
6.  Morsel (this just came to me on 4.5.2012 while baking cookies)  MORSEL?


Edited to Add on 4.5.2012:  I’m impressed with all the words that everyone is coming up with.  Keep them coming.  Maybe we can make T-Shirts with all these horrible words on them!


59 thoughts on “Words that Annoy Me

  1. Corpulent. Pus. Cliché (because everyone all over the internet uses it wrong and it drives me bonkers).

    What are your thoughts on the word “whimsical”? To me it’s a completely different word than “whimsy.”

  2. -I’m glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed by the phrase “At the end of the day”.
    -Another one that I absolutely cannot stand, “It is what it is.” Ugh!
    -And how about “pop”? As in “That orange pillow really makes the couch “pop”.

    Thanks, I feel better now. 🙂

  3. oh goodness– man cave, “i know, right?”, ending a sentence with “yeah?”, pus, pop (in Samantha’s example, above), and gross overuse of “immensely”

    oh and “literally”…. specifically when followed by an exaggeration (ex. “I literally drank sixty gallons of water today”)

    misuse of “myself”

    I found your blog through Alli and i love it 🙂

  4. Pithy
    Irregardless – Look it up.
    And without a doubt I AGREE – mosit #1 hated word and # “Just Sayin” is a great runner up.

  5. Found you through Pinterest and your calm-down jars which I will make tomorrow. I don’t know anything about you or this blog but when I clicked the link ‘words that annoy me’ I was thinking in my head, moist moist moist and look. It’s number one. So now I need to go back and comment to get on the people who don’t suck list because you must be a kindred spirit.

    I would add to this list “poo” – what’s with the no final “p”? No. It needs finality.

    Re: misuse of literally, I (correctly using this word) literally read a letter by my husband’s uncle’s mistress to his former wife where she wrote: “I literally died…” Well no, Mistress, you didn’t literally die because you are still around making an ass of yourself.

    Re: irregardless, yes. Must be on the list.

    How about when people say eKcetera. Please stop. I instantly discredit you.

    And spelling definitely as definitaly is also annoying.

  6. Girth. smh Hate that word.

    Also, when people type “an” or “nd” for AND – it’s three letters, it doesn’t need to be shortened anymore. It shows ignorance IMO.

  7. I was just saying last night how much I hate the phrase “man cave”

    are up there for me too!

  8. “you know what I’m saying” but not pronounced correctly

    giraffet (my husband says it, drives me nuts)(he probably still says it because he knows it drives me nuts)

  9. Coil, soil, boil, and any other word that ends in ‘oil’..

    It also annoys me when people say things such as ‘sammich’ (sandwich), and ‘breafast’ (breakfast) or ‘carmel’ (carAmel).

  10. The recent overuse of the word “epic”. THIS BOTHERS ME! Also, when people use the words “basically” and “literally” where they don’t fit.

  11. So true….I never really thought of the difference before. But I enjoy whimsical. Despise whimsy. Huh. Who knew….

  12. I find myself detesting the words ‘retard’ and ‘retarded.’ I’m not too happy about ‘plus size’ either!

  13. YES….I can’t stand the misuse of “myself”. It amazes me how many highly educated people, journalists, etc., use that word incorrectly, including my son’s high school principal in a mass e-mail to parents. I almost replied!

  14. Oh, “irregardless” is SO annoying. How about when people say “eCspecially”? I also hate panties and really hate OMG (so does God!).

  15. This one is for my husband who says this constantly: “To be honest with you…”, which implies that he is a big fat liar the rest of the time. Drives me nuts!

  16. Ironically, a word irritation has been bugging me all week since I read a brief review of a children’s book. “Rollicking”. Seriously, who uses that word in real life? “Hey, hon, how was your lunch date?” ” Oh! we had a rollicking time!” Yet it is overused when it comes to children’s literature or musical theater. I am so over that word. Thank you, I feel cleansed now. 🙂

  17. I have more issues with incorrectly spelled/pronounced words. Expresso, excape,cuepon,supposably,ooh yes and definitely “walla” instead of voila and I “expecially” detest samwich.

  18. Wondering why people who say/write “could of” and “would of” don’t see that while that might sound vaguely like the PROPER contraction “could’ve” and “would’ve” ….. it comes from “could HAVE” and “would HAVE” and OF has nothing to do with it!! Drives me nuts! I’m not terribly bothered by any words in particular unless they are misspelled, misused and mispronounced, but “just sayin’ ” IS pretty annoying.

  19. I have to add “these ones” and “those ones” to to the list. I have to correct my children constantly, and had to refrain myself from correcting one of their teachers the other day. The overuse of “!” is also highly bothersome. Not everything is exclamatory.

  20. phlegm *gag* … plus, the silent “g” makes it extraordinarily disgusting…

    “so on and so forth” NO… NO… and NO. Please stop before I walk out of this meeting or just stab myself in the eyeball with a pencil just to dull the pain.

    “This too shall pass” … yes… it sure will… … … pass the ativan.

  21. Whatevs.
    Just sayin’.
    Misuse of ‘literally’.
    People who ask ‘Are you okay?’ when you are so clearly not. (Is that mean of me?)

    I actually like the word ‘panties’…

  22. Any misuse of grammar and punctuation in the English language in my pet peeve. No, I am not a perfect speller and yes, I miss a comma here and there. That being said I know that they’re going through the light (not there/their and threw) and that last night I slept well not good. 😉

  23. *is my pet peeve

    I love typos when I’m commenting on the proper use of the English language. 🙂 It makes me human.

  24. Lots of good ones here, but I have to add:
    “I could care less…”
    I seem to be the only one annoyed by “chamomile”

    However, I’d say “moist” and “panties” are both exquisite words on their own; and even better when used together.

  25. done


    hang on (to what?)

    sorry about “that” (I’m never sure what the person is sorry about or that they really cares) especially if they are in the customer service or retail

  26. Puncture. Saw a kid step on a nail when I was little and ever since, that word makes the bottom of my feet hurt.

    Graspable. Just don’t like it.

    This past Christmas, I attended the Children’s Mass. They handed out programs which included the song lyrics for the evening. NOWELL is how they decided to spell Noelle. ….I switched churches that night and have not been back to that one since. What were they thinking? That they’d spell it wrong so the kids could sing the song and then try to teach them the right spelling later? Idiots.

  27. oh my!! I am supposed to be writing a term paper on psychopathy but I clicked to here through pinterest. I just feel like I belong…

    “I could care less”- then don’t bother mentioning!

  28. New ones for me: “whenever” in place of “when” and “mines.” As in: My sister got a toy and mama promised me one later, so whenever we went back, I got mines.

  29. I get FUSTRATED when SUPPOSABLY intelligent people AX me a question.

    I am a preschool teacher: I especially dislike when a father (innocently of course) asks his daughter about her p****** (underwear). Ew! Happens often during the potty training phase but the word “underwear” will do gentlemen.

  30. Someone that I work with uses the word ‘Truly’ far to often when he is explaining something. It is a very good word but when he says it, it makes me cringe.

  31. I just love this page.

    Biggest pet peeve – “I could care less…” People, please! If you COULD care less then you DO care.

    Second worst: “I’s” If you watch any reality shows you know what I mean. “Brad and I’s date…”

    “I know, right?!” Is that with a question mark or an exclamation point? Or anytime “right?” (pronounced as a question) is used to declare something true. Me: “That was a very good restaurant.” Other person: “Right?” Yes, it’s right to me; I just said it!

    Also further vs. farther. Further is a verb. Farther is an adjective. You can further your career and you can drive farther. You can’t drive further.

    I feel better already. 🙂

  32. I hate “ax” instead of “ask”. I also have a friend that always writes “an” instead of “and” – really, dude? Are you that lazy, or just stupid? Not to mention his wife who happens to have a Master’s Degree in English but constantly misspells, drives me nuts! Also, if you start a sentence with “Yesterday I seen…..” I assume you will not be ending that sentence with “…the inside of an English book.”!

  33. One more thing, please learn the difference between losing and loosing and lose and loose – it makes a big difference!

  34. Blowed! Seriously folks!! My husband and his dad use this!! “it blowed over”
    Kill me now! LOL! Followed with others like, ‘whatever’ ‘dude’ ‘my nigga’ ‘I’m fixin”
    This is just my short list!! hahaha!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog! 🙂

  35. The mispronunciation of the word “forte.” Forte in music has 2 syllables and means “loud.” However, when referring to someone’s particular strength then the correct pronunciation is forte (same spelling but pronounced like the word fort). I know it sounds funny and that is because almost everyone mispronounces it!

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