People Who Do Not Suck

The story.

One day I was feeling rather lowly and while trying to pick myself up I decided I did not suck.  Your Aunt Tilly is a huge part of my life, so she had to be added to the list. I also decided to document this on the internet because, if you don’t do that, it never happened (I realize a picture is also required but, sorry no pics, I’m not very cute when I’m lowly).  Then, other people visited and declared that they did not suck either.  So, here is the list.  If you feel that you do not suck, feel free to comment and you will be added to the list.

1. Madge

2. Your Aunt Tilly

3.  Becca

4.  Jennifer

5.  Heather

6.  Brenda

7.  Bethany

8.  Fish

9.  Debbie

10.  Sonja

11.  Jen

12.  Tracy

13.  Jen

14.  Yara

15.  Jeanette

16.  Claire

17.  Elizabeth

18.  Savannah

19.  Eve

20.  Kelly

21.  Harmony

22.  Christine

23.  Merrilee

24.  Deborah

25.  Emily

26.  Lynne

27.  Thomas J.

28.  Breg


47 thoughts on “People Who Do Not Suck

  1. There really isn’t a story. I just decided one night that I didn’t suck. then I had to add Your Aunt Tilly because I refer to her often. So if anyone comments that they don’t suck, they get added to the list. I don’t link names because I love the mystery of it all. Since I’m having this conversation with you, I decided you do not suck either, HAHAHAHA.

  2. It’s a good thing I’m terrible at following up. My delicate little feelins would have been hurt! But now they’re not! YES to non-suckage!

  3. Thank You! You do not suck! Sorry, this is a small operation, no t-shirts will be sent to validate this fact.

  4. You officially do NOT suck. I don’t think I’d have enough time in the day to maintain the list that sucks.

  5. How timely that I discover your blog (I think via Pinterest but who knows these days?) and discover a way to officially not suck!

    I love your blog and ideas so thanks for sharing!

    And please, add me to the list of those who do not suck! I’m doing my best not to anyway!

  6. I strongly doubt that you suck in any way. The fact that you enjoy Pinterest can attribute to this fact.

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest. Love that site! I HAVE to be added to your list. I do not suck. At least I don’t think I do…maybe seeing it in writing that I don’t suck would be confirmation of sorts! One of my best friends, Harmony, she should be added to the list too. She definitely does not suck…how can you with the name Harmony? I will be following your blog!

  8. I have to agree, how can you suck with a name like Harmony? I’m pretty sure anyone who is a friend to a Harmony couldn’t possibly suck either!

  9. Some days I feel like I suck, but mostly I am ok 🙂

    PS… your Calm Down Jar idea on Pinterest led me here!

  10. This is most awesome list EVER!! I don’t suck either!!! 🙂

    Well of course you don’t, you have great taste in blogs 🙂

  11. Your pickled eggs (via Bethany) finally got me over to your actual blog (I can’t believe I’d never seen your Bento box ideas until now! LOVE me some Bento boxes!) …and I would like to state that for the most part, I do not suck…and I’d love the T-shirt idea to go thru so I could get one. I’ll accept a car magnet if the t-shirt doesn’t go thru…. 🙂

    Hmmm, car magnets, I like that. Thank you for not sucking!

  12. I kinda feel like I suck today. I need to know I don’t. Mostly, I just feel invisible. Generally, I like that, but not today.

    Lynne, you are shining bright in my eyes. A vibrant star that may dim later, but tonight, I see you. Stay gold.

  13. My name is Thomas and I was searching for a 1980s “Say Nope to Dope and Ugh to Drugs” commercial and came across your blog about the day you were feeling lower than low and a speaking with a nurse helped you out. It made me curious and I read more and came across the “People Who Do Not Suck List”. Since I believe “Fish” is a guy, I noted that I would only be the 2nd guy on the list…so please add me. This will help let the world know that not all guys suck (at least not me and “Fish”)! Take care!

    Hello Thomas!! Proof that many a male indeed, does not suck! Thank you for taking the time to declare this point. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t suck to help me get through the day.

    I’m here to remind you that you do not suck!

  15. This list (its inspiration, its contents and its existence) have totally made my day. One of my favorite things about it is the comments. This one is my favorite: “She’d never leave a comment, but you know who else doesn’t suck? My mom.” I don’t see “my mom” on the list. When you add her, will you add me, too? Thanks! We both try really hard not to suck.

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