Feeling much better today.  I ended up having a lengthy conversation with my MIL, that ended up being a mini therapy session.  Basically, motherhood sometimes plays with my head.

T25 workout today, Abs Interval.  Ugh, I hate this one.

I had more time to knit today while this kids were at school.

Everyone is home now.  Trying to keep them from starving without ruining their appetites for dinner.  Kind of hard to do when they come home at 4 p.m. and want to eat the entire pantry.

Falafel Pitas with creamy cucumbers tonight.



Worked out.  My least favorite.  Total Body Circuit.

Shopped for flannel sheets for the girls.

AC came home early with a tummy ache.

Feeling kind of low today.  I call it light blue.

Going to make dinner and love on my family…


Today began with drama.  As we were heading out the door to take the littles to school, I realized that I didn’t check AC’s homework folder the night before.  She had a math worksheet to do.  She quickly completed it and we left for school just 10 minutes later than scheduled.

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s.  Candy cane Joe Joe’s are available now.  My family doesn’t really like them, so I didn’t get any.  Weirdos.  I did get a bunch of honey crisps, hummus (hummus and apples!) and my new favorite, Pumpkin seed/Cranberry Pita chips.  Fish found his favorite, Kimchi Rice and I picked up Naan, Roast Pepper/Tomato soup and chimchurri rice for lunch.

Second day of working out.  T25, Speed.  This is my favorite workout.  I wish that I could do this every day and I would, if Fish and I haven’t decided to commit to doing the complete program.

Our house is falling apart.  The dryer died last week and Fish MacGyver’d it back to life.  The garage door opener decided to stop working yesterday and while the repairman was working on fixing it today, our printer decided to stop printing properly.  So, instead of working on my latest knitting project, I cursed at the printer for an hour because I couldn’t get an invoice to print for an order that I needed to mail out today.  I finally got the printer to work and still had time to watch an episode of The Good Wife before having to pick up Em from school.


Here you can see my knitting project in progress.  Fish has shrunk out of a sweater I made him in the past, so I’ve been breaking down his old sweater, soaking and drying the yarn and re-knitting a new sweater.  I’m hoping to have it complete in the next week or so.

Tonight’s dinner, Beef Roast, fingerling potatoes and lemon green beans.  Everyone loved it.


Finally, all the kids went to school today and stayed there.

Today was unusually warm.  Like mid 70’s warm.  Crazy.  Mostly crazy because tomorrow we’ll be in the mid 50’s and around Thanksgiving there is a possibility of snow.  A mixed bag of weather, I’ll take it!

Fish and I started working out again.  We’ve been hit and miss since my parents’ visit a few weeks ago.  The kids were on their break from school and kept us so busy, I was never able to fit in a decent workout.  I found plenty of time to eat things I shouldn’t around Halloween, though.  It’s good to be back to a regular schedule.

Today we started the T 25 workout, Week 1, Day 1.  Cardio.  I’m not a huge fan of cardio, but I got through the workout and felt great afterwards.  I also look forward to drinking my Results and Recovery drink afterwards.  It tastes like an Orange Julius.  I’d like to lose 10 pounds by January, but I’m starting to think I might just be happy maintaining until then.  Holiday baking is looming…

After working out Fish and I went to Target.  I picked up 2 things that I needed, they didn’t have 2 other things on my list and I forgot one item altogether.  Typical trip to Target!  Minus about $100.  It was a quick trip.

A few hours of knitting and cheesy Christmas movies.  Christmas Crash.  Not happy and fun enough for my taste.  Twice Upon A Christmas.  REALLY cheesy.  I didn’t get to finish the last 15 minutes.  I’ll do that tonight.  Also, throughout the day I’ve been continuing to read Gone Girl.  What a page turner!  I’m  fascinated by this story.  I have heard mention of this book here and there but never paid attention.  I’m purposely not looking for any summaries online because I don’t want to accidentally spoil it for myself.

Picked up Em from school.  She had a good day.  Went home to wait for AC and Moe to come home on the bus.  They had good days.  Moe came home with two notices.  One is paperwork to meet with speech therapist to discuss her speech therapy, another was a permission slip for her to attend a performance of Frosty the Snowman at the Performing Arts Center.  I think she’s going to love that.  Made dinner while kids worked on homework.  Em had a minor meltdown over math stress.  We all survived.

Dinner was meh.  Apple-Raisin Stuffed Pork Chops with Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes.  Fish made blueberry muffins for dessert after baths/showers.  It made up for my lackluster dinner.

Coloring and book reading again tonight.  A quick book, the kids stayed up past their bedtime.

I have an evening of laundry, knitting and tv ahead of me.

I’m back!

It’s been a while.  Need to take down some cobwebs around this place. All in time, hopefully.  For now, I’m just planning on writing every day.  I have been visiting my old blog that I had when Em was a toddler and I’m sad that I don’t have any days in the life shared for my other two kiddos.  This most likely will be a very boring venture, but it’s mine.


Today just flew by.  I woke up later than I would have liked, as I haven’t been sleeping very well.  The kids have been in various stages of illness and dealing with bouts of anxiety.  It has worn me down a bit.  Em was really worried about getting her blankets dropped of to complete her community project for school.  She made blanket for Project Linus.  I was really impressed with how nicely she crochets now.  I had originally planned to drop the blankets off at one location, but found out this morning that they are closed on Sunday.  I told Em I would drop them off tomorrow instead and she started to get really upset, so we found an alternative location.  As with most times that she gets this way, I COMPLETELY understand where she is coming from, so usually I don’t get upset or frustrated with her.  Then there are other times, when I just want to tell her to GET OVER IT.  

Bonus to the change in location, I was able to pick up a bunch of inexpensive coloring books for the “babies”.  When I’m with Em I still refer to AC and Moe as “the babies”.  Even though they are now 6 and 7.  I will probably continue to do this even when they are full grown adults.  Old habits and all…  The BABIES are really on a coloring kick lately.  They color, color, color all the time.  They even ask me to color.  I mostly oblige.  Sometimes I fight it, because there is laundry and cooking and cleaning and all those other obstacles that get in my way, but when I just let it goooooo and sit down with them I remember how nice it is to color for a while.  Today we didn’t color at all.  They decided, when they saw all the coloring books that I got them, that it is nice to just look at them for a day first.  Whatever floats your boat.

I needed to go grocery shopping anyway and they had some wizarding to do (another favorite around here is Wizard 101).  Em went grocery shopping with me.  She’s become a nice companion while I run errands and is really good at running and getting things I forgot on my list while I wait in line at the register.  I’m doing emeals again, so every shopping trip feels a little foreign, finding new items that I haven’t used before.  The meals are really good, so I can’t complain.

Back home, just in time to cook dinner.  Stovetop Chicken-Sausage Cassoulet with Arugula-Red Onion Salad.  It was delicious.  

Baths and showers, then we all watched Home Alone together.  The kids had a million questions.  They take NOTHING for granted.  “Why did he do that?”  “Wouldn’t it be easier….?”  “Didn’t he just….?”  Regardless, they enjoyed it.

Reading before bed.  We’re reading a lot of Winnie the Pooh together lately.  I think they just like the simple happy stories.  I like to read them.

AC and Moe are down for the night.  I’ll be shutting off Em’s lights soon.  She’s nervous about some schoolwork.  I’ve pep talked her and she’s working it out.  AC is also nervous about returning to school after being out 3 days last week, into the weekend, with pink eye.  Moe seems OK, she was down with the flu all day yesterday, but it all seems to have passed.

Now, it’s time for The Walking Dead, Homeland and maybe a cheesy Holiday movie while I knit.  I’ll be reading Gone Girl in bed before going to sleep.  I’ve just started it, already very intriguing.


Before leaving for our trip to California, I had been following the Weight Watchers program and lost 15 pounds.  There was some exercise involved but most of my loss was due to keeping my daily calories at a minimum level.

When we returned from our trip and I realized that I had gained a couple of pounds back, I decided to take my weight loss plan a little more seriously.  I began doing the Insanity workout 6 days a week, in addition to counting my calories.  This is an intense program and I have sweat more than I have in years.  My muscles have been on fire.  I was expecting great results towards my goal of losing weight.  Four weeks in and I had lost…one pound.  ONE POUND.  I’m not going to lie, I was frustrated.  I’ve been eating better than I have in a long time.  My carbs are extremely limited, I’ve been living on lean grilled meats and green leafy vegetables.  My sugar intake is at an all time low and diet soda has pretty much been removed from my diet.  In addition to all these changes, I’ve been drinking lots and lots of water.  Basically, I’ve been doing everything I should be doing to lose weight.

I lamented over this to Fish,who has been doing the same program with me, has been eating a lot more and has lost TEN POUNDS already.  He suggested what others have suggested, that I’m probably gaining muscle weight and losing fat.  I understand this could be true.  Yes my clothes feel slightly looser, I can see slight changes in my body, but I’ve been conditioned that there is no result unless the number on the scale is dropping.  Fish then suggested that maybe I should take a break from working out and just watch my calories and see of there is more movement on the scale.  This suggestion really bothered me.  I mean, it bothered me a lot.

I knew that regardless of whether or not that scale dropped in numbers or not, I didn’t want to give up my workouts.  This is a huge step for me.  I’ve avoided exercise on a regular basis for a long time now, but something different has been happening for me.  I wasn’t even conscious of it, until Fish suggested that I stop.  I realized that I grew up being reminded that strength is important.

When I was a kid I was really close with my older brother and I wanted to do everything that he did.  My dad was pretty awesome, he never limited my participation in the sports that he and my brother did together.  If they were tossing a football, they threw the ball to me too.  If they were hitting baseballs, I always had a turn at bat.  My dad never said, “You can’t, you’re a girl.”  In fact, my nickname when we were playing was “team”, because I was a part of the team.  My dad would regularly say to me, “Let me see your muscles (pronounced muss-skulls) and he would make a big deal about how strong I was.  It made me happy.

Fast forward to today.  As I feel myself getting stronger, I feel better.  The weight might finally drop, it might not.  I’ve decided that I don’t care.  I’m just going to keep sweating, keep pushing, and thank my dad for never saying “you can’t”.

California, Day 2

Our second day began early because I popped up wide awake at 6 a.m.  Emily was up making pancakes with my dad.  We eased into the day puttering around the house.  I found Fendi.  He grew a lot.  We’re thinking of renaming him Tank.


I also found Edith!  She’s gotten bigger too.


The girls asked my mom to do their hair for the day.  They love when grandma does their hair.

Grandma fixed their hair.

That night Jeremy and I drove with the girls to our friends, Cheryl and Marko.  Cheryl and I were meeting Bethany and Brenda in Irvine for dinner while Jeremy and Marko watched all the girls.  All five of them.

Our drive to Irvine was pretty uneventful, aside from one moment where we got lost and ended up on a toll road we shouldn’t have been on.  It was so good to see old friends again.  I have no pictures of us together because I’m the dork who forgets important things like that.  Hopefully they have some they can share.

We all walked to a local supermarket for Indian food.  We were on a “Food Adventure”

I went on a food adventure!

The food was delicious.  The company was awesome.  It felt like I had never left.  We went back to the market for desserts and I ended up buying a yogurt drink because it was carbonated and I can’ t pass up a carbonated beverage.  A mint yogurt carbonated beverage.  Oh dear.  I can’t say that I would recommend this drink.  It was very salty.  Very, very salty.

I would have loved to have stayed late and visited longer but I had to get back to my parents because we were going to Bakerfield the next day.