I forgot to post yesterday because Thanksgiving is coming!! and I’m busy and boring so not much to say.  I did go to Moe’s Thanksgiving Feast.  She loved the pie, just like her mama.  Oh how I love pie!


I almost finished Fish’s sweater.  I’m going to go work on that right now.  I’ll have a pic to share soon!



Today was fine.  Fish and I did Thanksgiving shopping.  Kids had good days at school.

Tonight was not good.  Oldest is in trouble for making stupid choices.  I’m angrier than I should be.  Trying to keep calm, failing.


Today was kind of an uneventful day.  We had the kids up way too late last night and Fish and I drank probably a little too much. We crashed into bed.  Moe ended up sleep walking a few times.  She would come into the room and have strange conversations with me.  Poor baby had too much excitement for one night apparently.

Today was a lazy day, for my family.  They all kept each other busy with Wizard 101, while I did laundry and cleaned and prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner and more monkey bread.  I feel like the lower the temperature drops, the more I cook.  Today started out at 20 degrees and warmed up to mid 30’s.  I didn’t bother going outside at all.  The girls did.  They lasted about a minute, ha!

Here is the monkey bread I made today…



The nuts are only on half of the bread because I’m the only one who likes them.  The reason I made another one is because yesterday I didn’t cut the rolls before using them and Fish thought they were too big.  Not like his mama would make.  I still had some rolls leftover in the freezer so I remade it with a loaf pan, instead of a bundt pan.  It was really good.  I agree, that it is better with the smaller pieces of dough.  Here is the recipe if interested…


Frozen rolls (like Bridgford brand.  The kind that you need to rise and then cook, not brown and serve)

1/2 cup butter (melted)

1 cup sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

Chopped Pecans (optional)

 For a loaf pan I used about 12 rolls, if you are using a bundt pan, use around 20 – 24 rolls.

 Take rolls out.  Place them on a cookie sheet and cover with paper towel, let them thaw for around 2 hours.

 Grease your loaf or bundt pan.

 Put nuts at the bottom of pan.

 Mix sugar with cinnamon.

 Cut rolls into quarters.  Dip rolls into butter, coat well, roll them in sugar mixture.  Place evenly into pan.  Cover with paper towel, let rise for 2 – 3 hours.  Preheat oven to 350.  Bake bread for 25 – 30 minutes.  You want the rolls to be browned on top and sound hollow when you tap them.

Turn out of pan immediately


This morning I met with Moe’s teacher and the Speech Pathologist at school.  We all believe that Moe would benefit from speech therapy so we are jumping through all the hoops to make that happen.  (there are a lot of meetings and paperwork that need to be completed in order for Moe to receive speech therapy).  Everyone has been really happy with Moe’s progress.  They said that she is a great student and also gets along really well with her classmates.  I was surprised to learn that she is really excelling in Math.  Moe has always been such a creative, artistic kid, I never thought of her as being analytical.  Overall, a good meeting.

Today Fish and I skipped working out and went grocery shopping instead.  I love shopping with him.  Even though he completely blows my grocery budget by buying items for “The Best Breakfast Ever”.  So tomorrow we will be having sausage, bacon, monkey bread, biscuits, eggs, hash browns, and probably something else he snuck in the cart when I wasn’t looking.

I probably won’t be partaking from much of the aforementioned breakfast as I am trying to break through a plateau.  Someone suggested I use the “Lose It!” app.  I downloaded it and it looks like it will be a great tool to keep myself on track.

The weather was very mild today.  Clouds are slowly rolling in for a storm that is expected to last throughout the weekend.  Tomorrow there is a Christmas parade in Raleigh.  We considered maybe going, but with the rain threat, we decided to just watch it on tv.


I’m back!

It’s been a while.  Need to take down some cobwebs around this place. All in time, hopefully.  For now, I’m just planning on writing every day.  I have been visiting my old blog that I had when Em was a toddler and I’m sad that I don’t have any days in the life shared for my other two kiddos.  This most likely will be a very boring venture, but it’s mine.


Today just flew by.  I woke up later than I would have liked, as I haven’t been sleeping very well.  The kids have been in various stages of illness and dealing with bouts of anxiety.  It has worn me down a bit.  Em was really worried about getting her blankets dropped of to complete her community project for school.  She made blanket for Project Linus.  I was really impressed with how nicely she crochets now.  I had originally planned to drop the blankets off at one location, but found out this morning that they are closed on Sunday.  I told Em I would drop them off tomorrow instead and she started to get really upset, so we found an alternative location.  As with most times that she gets this way, I COMPLETELY understand where she is coming from, so usually I don’t get upset or frustrated with her.  Then there are other times, when I just want to tell her to GET OVER IT.  

Bonus to the change in location, I was able to pick up a bunch of inexpensive coloring books for the “babies”.  When I’m with Em I still refer to AC and Moe as “the babies”.  Even though they are now 6 and 7.  I will probably continue to do this even when they are full grown adults.  Old habits and all…  The BABIES are really on a coloring kick lately.  They color, color, color all the time.  They even ask me to color.  I mostly oblige.  Sometimes I fight it, because there is laundry and cooking and cleaning and all those other obstacles that get in my way, but when I just let it goooooo and sit down with them I remember how nice it is to color for a while.  Today we didn’t color at all.  They decided, when they saw all the coloring books that I got them, that it is nice to just look at them for a day first.  Whatever floats your boat.

I needed to go grocery shopping anyway and they had some wizarding to do (another favorite around here is Wizard 101).  Em went grocery shopping with me.  She’s become a nice companion while I run errands and is really good at running and getting things I forgot on my list while I wait in line at the register.  I’m doing emeals again, so every shopping trip feels a little foreign, finding new items that I haven’t used before.  The meals are really good, so I can’t complain.

Back home, just in time to cook dinner.  Stovetop Chicken-Sausage Cassoulet with Arugula-Red Onion Salad.  It was delicious.  

Baths and showers, then we all watched Home Alone together.  The kids had a million questions.  They take NOTHING for granted.  “Why did he do that?”  “Wouldn’t it be easier….?”  “Didn’t he just….?”  Regardless, they enjoyed it.

Reading before bed.  We’re reading a lot of Winnie the Pooh together lately.  I think they just like the simple happy stories.  I like to read them.

AC and Moe are down for the night.  I’ll be shutting off Em’s lights soon.  She’s nervous about some schoolwork.  I’ve pep talked her and she’s working it out.  AC is also nervous about returning to school after being out 3 days last week, into the weekend, with pink eye.  Moe seems OK, she was down with the flu all day yesterday, but it all seems to have passed.

Now, it’s time for The Walking Dead, Homeland and maybe a cheesy Holiday movie while I knit.  I’ll be reading Gone Girl in bed before going to sleep.  I’ve just started it, already very intriguing.