This morning I met with Moe’s teacher and the Speech Pathologist at school.  We all believe that Moe would benefit from speech therapy so we are jumping through all the hoops to make that happen.  (there are a lot of meetings and paperwork that need to be completed in order for Moe to receive speech therapy).  Everyone has been really happy with Moe’s progress.  They said that she is a great student and also gets along really well with her classmates.  I was surprised to learn that she is really excelling in Math.  Moe has always been such a creative, artistic kid, I never thought of her as being analytical.  Overall, a good meeting.

Today Fish and I skipped working out and went grocery shopping instead.  I love shopping with him.  Even though he completely blows my grocery budget by buying items for “The Best Breakfast Ever”.  So tomorrow we will be having sausage, bacon, monkey bread, biscuits, eggs, hash browns, and probably something else he snuck in the cart when I wasn’t looking.

I probably won’t be partaking from much of the aforementioned breakfast as I am trying to break through a plateau.  Someone suggested I use the “Lose It!” app.  I downloaded it and it looks like it will be a great tool to keep myself on track.

The weather was very mild today.  Clouds are slowly rolling in for a storm that is expected to last throughout the weekend.  Tomorrow there is a Christmas parade in Raleigh.  We considered maybe going, but with the rain threat, we decided to just watch it on tv.



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