Today began with drama.  As we were heading out the door to take the littles to school, I realized that I didn’t check AC’s homework folder the night before.  She had a math worksheet to do.  She quickly completed it and we left for school just 10 minutes later than scheduled.

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s.  Candy cane Joe Joe’s are available now.  My family doesn’t really like them, so I didn’t get any.  Weirdos.  I did get a bunch of honey crisps, hummus (hummus and apples!) and my new favorite, Pumpkin seed/Cranberry Pita chips.  Fish found his favorite, Kimchi Rice and I picked up Naan, Roast Pepper/Tomato soup and chimchurri rice for lunch.

Second day of working out.  T25, Speed.  This is my favorite workout.  I wish that I could do this every day and I would, if Fish and I haven’t decided to commit to doing the complete program.

Our house is falling apart.  The dryer died last week and Fish MacGyver’d it back to life.  The garage door opener decided to stop working yesterday and while the repairman was working on fixing it today, our printer decided to stop printing properly.  So, instead of working on my latest knitting project, I cursed at the printer for an hour because I couldn’t get an invoice to print for an order that I needed to mail out today.  I finally got the printer to work and still had time to watch an episode of The Good Wife before having to pick up Em from school.


Here you can see my knitting project in progress.  Fish has shrunk out of a sweater I made him in the past, so I’ve been breaking down his old sweater, soaking and drying the yarn and re-knitting a new sweater.  I’m hoping to have it complete in the next week or so.

Tonight’s dinner, Beef Roast, fingerling potatoes and lemon green beans.  Everyone loved it.


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