If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that Molly has been having a really hard time in Kindergarten.  Recently, Fish and I had a conference with her teacher.  I was stressed about the whole situation.  I couldn’t think of anything else to help Moe.  I’ve tried everything from rewards to punishments.  There didn’t seem to be a solution to her behavior problems.

Molly’s teacher has been working so hard with her.  As they have been moving further into writing, Mrs. B noticed that Molly was sounding words out with her hand over her mouth, like she was embarrassed and then confused when none of her words were like her peers.  Some typical mispronounced words for Molly would be as follows: Star is Car.  Smell is Pell.  School is Cool (HAHA, oh the irony!).  You can imagine how confusing and frustrating this would be.   It turns out, Moe needs speech therapy.

Mrs. B has started working one on one with Molly in the past two weeks and already has seen a huge improvement in Molly’s behavior.  She isn’t crying to go home, she is raising her hand to answer questions, she is much more at ease.  I’m really glad that we have found a possible solution.  I’m trying to shake the guilt I have for being so hard on her.  I’m sharing this now, in case there is anyone else in my shoes.  The answer seems so obvious now, but for the past few months I have been at a total loss.


One thought on “Speech

  1. A had speech therapy, like you she mispronounced some words but it wasn’t that big of a deal but because of L’s experience when they offered the screening we took her. After only nine months (one school year) the difference was amazing and has also helped her reading-knowing the exact sound each letter makes has helped her sound out words, so sayeth her teacher (she’s had the same teacher for K and 1st). Good luck to Moe and to you! Fingers crossed the improvement helps!

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