The Tooth Fairy Story

Doodling.  This is a character in a story that the girls made up.  It's the Tooth Fairy's elephant.

This is a doodle for a story that the girls made up recently.  I really wish that I had the ability to draw or do some soft of graphics because, at the very least, this would make a great animated gif.  So!  If anyone out there reads this and wants to create a visual for it, feel free to do so!

The Tooth Fairy makes her round on a large elephant.  One night they are running late and they accidentally mix up each other’s wings.  So the Tooth Fairy struggles to hang on to her elephant, as her too large wings want to raise her higher into the air,  while the elephant struggles to keep flight with his too small wings.  The elephant can barely hover above surfaces so when he gets to the end of a dresser he starts to plummet to the floor as the Tooth Fairy pulls his ears and tries to keep him afloat.

Much hilarity ensues, according to my children.


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