Speaking In Mad Libs

I have been terribly homesick today.  There is so much that I could share about that, but I’d rather share a funny conversation I had with Emily while we were out running errands yesterday.

Emily: Is a crow the same thing as a raven?  Why do they have different names if they are?

Me:  I’m not sure, kind of like how a dove is like uhhhh…?

Emily:  Pigeon?

Me:  Yes!  Or like a Bison is kind of like  uhhhh…?

Emily:  Buffalo?

Me:  Yes!!  Hey Ems, you’re finishing all my sentences for me, we must be playing Mad Libs too much lately.  Oh, look at those horses over there, they have their winter blankets on.

Emily:  Oh how cute!  I love horses.

Me: Me too.  You know, they say that horses are just like large…

Emily:  Dogs?

Me:  Stop that!!!




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