Today was the first day of the girls “track out”.  I’ll have them home for the next 2.5 weeks.  I’m trying to balance having fun with them, because they are my kids and they are fun, and having them keep themselves  busy.  I need to get actual work done and they need to figure out how do get along and use their creativity.  This morning there was a lot of time with Legos.  I joined in on this because Legos are just fun!

My Lego building contribution.  Crazy lady on her throne with a saber tooth.  The girls call her Queen Crazy.

Crazy Lady on her crazy throne with her crazy saber tooth.

Audrey's Lego playground.

Audrey’s Playground

The smoothie canoe.  Something makes me think that boys play with Legos much differently.

All aboard the smoothie canoe

 The rest of the day was kind of a blur of lunches, snacks, chores, work and we ended it all at Teriyakin’ where we had yummy teriyaki bowls and some bento for the kiddos.

Happy heart


One thought on “1-21-2013

  1. In your very first picture you said Lego but isn’t that a Playmobil person? I only know that because I made a wreath a couple years ago I used a Playmobil themed kit for the decorations. Just a little hot glue and a lot of time. It turned out awesome!
    Oh and your smoothie canoe is hilarious! What I would do to get on some water right now.

    Yes, that is a Playmobil person! My kids like to mix and match 🙂 A Playmobil wreath sounds kind of amazing.

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