Today I started a new, uh, thing.  What’s the word when you have a plan and then do it?  That’s what I started today.  THE PLAN is that when I go to run errands, the girls will take turns accompanying me.  I started this for a few different reasons.  One, that they love to go on errands with me.  I’m not sure why?  I’m not that great of company.  Two, I don’t like taking all three girls with me because they all have their own personalities and I end up forgetting half the stuff I was supposed to get.  It’s not even that they are obnoxious or badly behaved, it’s just that sometimes when all three of them are together while I’m trying to focus on one thing or another, my brain implodes.  Three, for a while I started dashing out the door to run errands and I always felt kind of bad that I just ditched them all, at home with Fish, of course!  So now, everybody wins, and it’s a great motivation for them to do their chores and homework.  I’m actually a prize!  haha

So!  Today was Audrey’s turn to go shopping with me and boy, does she take shopping seriously!

 My little shopping helper.  She's great company when I run errands.

She kept me on task and made sure that I didn’t forget anything on our list.

The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house and playing.  I even visited the girls new cafe out on the porch.

Cafe Nervosa.

Try the hot dogs, they are delicious!


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