Not enough snow for sledding?  Go down the snow encrusted slide!!

A little bit of snow stuck around.  The girls were thrilled with this light dusting so that made me happy.  We had a 2 hour delay for school so it gave them some time to run around out back and gather up some snowballs.

Molly went back to school after being out for 3 days.  I’m glad she had a chance to see her teachers and classmates before this track out.  Now I have my kiddos for 2.5 weeks.  I love having them around most of the time, but today, when they got home they were all so fussy.  Probably all the excitement from last night.  We have a few fun things planned for their time off, so hopefully, they stop with the bad attitudes.

I’ve been going through a little slump lately.  I’m doing good with my WW points but I’m looking forward to my workouts less and less.  I think I’m just so busy when the kids when they get home that it’s hard for me to pull myself away and get my workout out done.  Not a big deal.  I’m off to knit and watch bad tv.


One thought on “1-18-2013

  1. Maybe while they’re home, you can involve them in your workouts somehow? I ask Noah “Hey, wanna go to the LIBRARY?!!!” and then make him walk there with me. Hahahaha.

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