Busy day today.

First we hung up 2 of our birdhouses.  Audrey wants to finish decorating hers still.


Today was unusually warm for a winter day so we laid a blanket out in the backyard and watched the clouds roll by.

Watching the clouds go by.

I told Molly to get me her library book from school and I read it to the girls, a few times.

The Lemon Drop Jar

I had never read this book before.  It was such a sweet story, about a little girl visiting her Aunt in the Fall and how lemon drops remind the Aunt of the summer sun.  After playing outside in the cold they come indoors and put lemon drops in their tea.  The girls had never had lemon drops before, but then I remembered that Fish had bought me some a while ago.  I opened the package and told the girls we could make our own lemon drop jar.

Lemon drops

While the girls kept themselves busy playing, I had some time to knit.  Almost done.

Need to add a bow and shape. #hellokitty

Then, before I knew it the sun began to set.



Then there was dinner, baths and getting ready for school tomorrow.  Good night!


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