This morning we went to Lowe’s for another Build and Grow project.  Today’s project was a “Mystery Build” so we had no idea what the kids would be making today.

 We built birdhouses today :)

We showed up and found out they were building birdhouses!  Really cool birdhouses that we attach to the outside of our windows and then can see the birds building their nests inside.  The girls are going to finish decorating their birdhouses and then we’ll put them outside tomorrow.

If you’ve never been to Lowe’s with kids to do a Build and Grow project, I highly recommend going.  Not only do you get a finished project to take home, but they also give you safety goggles, an apron and a patch to iron onto the apron.  It’s all completely free too.  You just have to register online before going.

Earlier this week, Audrey received birthday money from Nana and Poppa so after building, we went to Target where she bought a Furby.

Her name is Tulip

Her name is Tulip and she wouldn’t stop dancing long enough for me to take a picture.

Today was unusually warm.  Well, I’m assuming it was unusually warm for North Carolina and this time of year.  Back in California, warm temps in the middle of winter were pretty common.  Although, I believe it was warmer here than there today.  So weird!

I randomly made a batch of chocolate covered strawberries today, the end.

A little treat


2 thoughts on “1-12-2013

  1. That is awesome that it’s free. I’ll have to check it out, my kids would love it. I hope there isn’t an age limit.

    I was wondering if there was a limit also. Emily is 10 right now, we’ll see if they say anything when she turns 11.

  2. I’ll have to check out the Lowe’s thing. I bet Noah would dig it.

    I bet he would too. It’s probably one of the most favorite things we do together as a family.

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