It’s early January and I’m on a diet and working out like most of America.  I’m bound and determined to get this god awful weight off of my body.  After my surgery, I promised myself I would continue to lose weight.  After goofing around for a few months and maintaining, I started to do P90X and started to see progress.  Then Halloween came around and then the holidays and then the Big Move and I got lazy and put working out on the back burner.  Luckily, I continued to eat relatively healthy and didn’t gain any weight.

Then, we moved and I was overwhelmed with just getting settled and all that entailed.  I would lose a few pounds, gain a few pounds.  Basically, I was yo-yo-ing the same 3 pounds for the past 6 months.  Then, the holidays crept up and so did my weight.  I started to freak out because I was almost back to the weight I was just after my surgery.  HELL NO.

I wasn’t happy about where I was headed, but what scared me more than anything was the shape that I was in physically.  For quite a while I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my shoulders.  I just thought it was a rotator cuff issue, but a few weeks ago the same pain I had in my shoulders was now present in my elbows and wrists.  I also had dull pain in my knees.  My mom suffered from arthritis at the age I am now, to the point that she was hospitalized for a period of time.  I was really scared.  Some days the pain was so bad that  I just winced my way through the day.  I started taking doses of ibuprofen like it was candy.  I felt ridiculous.  I completely revamped my diet.  More protein, more vegetables.  I will never be able to take carbs out of my diet 100% but I’ve greatly reduced how much of them I eat.

I started doing Yoga daily, which has improved the issues with my joints.  In fact, I have absolutely no pain at this moment.  I decided to go for broke and joined WW also.  Now I’m down 4 pounds and hoping to reach my goal within the next few months.


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