Whew, I’m tired.  I spent the afternoon making soups.

This morning started out kind of slow.  The kids were enjoying their Saturday morning.  Slow to get dressed for the day.

Molly marched around the house with her toilet paper roll spyglass and announced that she was The Captain! and I should take her picture.

"I'm the captain!!  Take my picture!!"  Alrighty then!

Oh Captain, My Captain!! (thanks Sonja, hahaha)

We all got dressed and went to Target to buy new backpacks and shoes.  Somehow, Fish ended up promising the girls these things.

New backpack.

New backpack.

New shoes

New Shoes.

The rest of the day I spent making Bean Soup and Winter Stew.

Winter Stew, complete.

Winter Stew

Now I’m tired and probably won’t be doing much else the rest of the night.  I might push myself to do Yoga, but I don’t know if that will happen.


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