Fish and I got the kids off to school this morning.  There were some jitters for Ems and Moe.  Audrey was just fine, as usual.  After dropping the girls off at school Fish and I went to the market to pick up “Resolution Food”.  More veggies, more protein, etc.  I also bought my first North Carolina Powerball tickets.


I made a really good stir fry for lunch.

Resolution food.

Szechuan Beef Stir Fry

Then I did some knitting and hoped that the girls were doing OK in school.  No emails from Molly’s teacher, that’s a good sign.  Back to school pickup carpool.  Talked to mom on phone while waiting to pick the kids up.  Turn’s out everyone had a great day.  Molly got a green smiley face, which is really a big deal because normally she gets a red on Monday’s so I wasn’t expecting much on her return from Christmas Break.  Emily enjoyed seeing her friends again and Audrey found out that one of her classmates plays Wizard 101 online, so she made plans to look for him online so they could play together.

Thanks to Fish for picking Subway for dinner.  We haven’t had that in a long time.

Yoga for 30 minutes.

Back to doing homework.



I’ll be getting the kids in bed in about 5 minutes.  Wish me luck on those Powerball numbers, the drawing is tonight.


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