We rang in the New Year for the first time in North Carolina. The kids stayed up all night. About 30 minutes before midnight they hit a wall and became very hyper. We let off some poppers and then straight to bed. They were asleep within seconds.

Jeremy and I ended up staying up until almost 3 a.m., which led me to waking up at 11 a.m. this morning. It’s been cold and rainy all day. The kids have been moping around the house, sad that their Christmas Break is ending and they will be back in school tomorrow.

I've got kind of an orange theme going on here.

A study in Orange

I spent most of the day making Orange cookies. They were delicious.

Orange cookies.

We’re in the middle of a large rain storm so it’s been raining all day, it should rain all night and some more tomorrow morning.

After getting the kids bathed I did 30 minutes of yoga, took a shower and then fell down the stairs.  Wheee!!  Now my butt hurts.

It’s time to get the kiddos in bed and I’m going to start working on re-knitting Fish’s sweater that he’s been shrinking out of by taking up running again.


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