Less Than A Month

June 14th. The kids last day of school in California.  We continue to pack and prepare for the movers to come.  Hang out with friends for the last time.

June 18th.  The movers come in their big truck and pack pack all of our belongings.

June 19th.  The cleaners come for a final cleaning of the house in California.

June 20th.  Fish does a final walk through with landlord, while I take the girls for their last playdate with friends.

June 21st.  We start our road trip at 4 a.m..  First stop Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The cat craps in the car multiple times, in between yowling for hours on end.  We meet Fish’s sister and her family for dinner after driving for 12 + hours.  The kids seem shell shocked.  Emily is happy to see her cousin once again.  The last time they saw each other they were toddlers.  Fish’s sister tells us to give the cat children’s benedryl to calm him down.

June 22nd.  Continue our road trip.  Feed the cat ham laced with children’s benedryl.  Drive for 8 hours.  The cat does great. Stop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  My parents have been traveling with us (in a separate car). We all eat together in our hotel.  Delicious BBQ from Texas Roadhouse.  The kids are climbing the walls with energy.  Fish and I vow to take them swimming the next day after driving.

June 23rd.  The road trip continues. Drive for 10 hours.  Stop in Nashville, Tennessee.  Immediately take the kids swimming. Wind down over dinner.

June 24th.  Fish and I celebrate our Anniversary by arriving in North Carolina.  My parents stay in our new home with Audrey and Molly, while Fish, Emily and I go to Target to buy household items.  While at Target I look over at Emily and she looks like a lost little lamb.  My heart breaks for her.  She misses her friends.  She sees all of the back to school supplies at the store and worries about starting a new school.  We get home and meet all of the neighbors in our cul de sac.  They are all very nice.  Keep busy during the day.  Cry myself to sleep thinking of Emily.

June 26th.  Register the kids for school.

June 30th.  Receive a letter from the district.  All three girls have been assigned to year round school.  Their first day of school is July 9th.  Emily is so sad.  She hasn’t had any sort of summer vacation.  She’s scared about the idea of year round school.  I cry with her.  Audrey is fine.  Molly has no clue.

July 4th.  We celebrate the 4th of July with our neighbors.  They kids love it all.  Everyone is happy.

July 5th.  We go to the school to see Emily and Audrey’s classes.  The girls love the school.  They are excited to go.

July 9th.  The first day of school for Emily and Audrey.  I’m a nervous wreck the whole day.  We are driving to school now, which is new for us all.  Before we would just walk across the street.  Fish, Molly and I go to pick them up.  They get in the car and announce in unison that their first day of school was “GREAT!!!”  They are so happy.

July 10th.  Molly’s first day of Kindergarten.  She does really good, is happy about the idea of returning on Monday (Kinder has one day their first week).  Audrey has another great day.  Emily tells me that she wishes that they wouldn’t have to have any breaks from class because she wants to go to school everyday for the rest of her life.

My kids amaze me.  We are home.


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