Mother’s Day weekend collided with Sprite’s 5th Birthday, so that meant that this was Sprite’s 5th Birthday Weekend.  There were moments during this weekend, as I was reading about lots of pedicures and sleeping in late by fellow moms, where I heard the words my OB asked me just before Sprite was born, “Are you sure you want to have your baby on Mother’s Day?”  My answer, “Of course!  It will be fun to share the day!”  I was already 2 kids into mothering, I should have known better.  All kidding aside, I had a lot of fun celebrating my baby’s birthday.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Ice Cream and friends

Ice Cream and Friends

Happy Birthday

I dyed. A lot.

Still Dyeing

Unbaked Rainbow


I'm Dyeing

Then frosted.

Possible Cake Wreck

Then served a slice of rainbow.


Which fueled the children so that they could beat a unicorn.

Moe and the Unicorn

Happy Birthday Moe!


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