Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Emily.

Today I was supposed to take the kids to school, pick the kids up from school and meet with friends to celebrate Emily’s birthday at Farrell’s.

Instead I…

Woke up at 6 a.m. to check Pix’s temp.  It was still high so I worried a lot while I packed Emily’s birthday cookies that I baked the night before so she could share with her classmates.

Worked Out.

Sent Emily off to school.

Took a shower and called the pediatrician.  Pediatrician’s office said they had no appointments available, they would have the doctor call me back.

Got Molly ready for school.  Walked her to school.

Received call from pediatrician’s office, they were fitting Audrey in at 3:10.

Realized that Farrell’s probably wouldn’t work out.  Decided to decorate the house and planned on taking Emily and her friends to Yogurtland after school.

Ran to Target for decorations.

Came home, realized that there would be no time to get Emily from school, get Molly from school and then make it to Audrey’s appointment.  Ran to store to get ice cream and toppings for the girls to have a sundae party afterschool.

Came home, decorated, wrapped presents, baked cake.

Picked up Emily from school.  Told her we couldn’t go to Farrell’s.  Cried with her when I saw how crushed she was.  Wanted to cry more when she wiped her tears and said it was OK, that she understood.  Walked home together.

Made arrangements to have my parents pick Molly up from school.

Took Audrey to doctor’s appointment. Found out she has a full blown double ear infection. What the heck???  She never complained of pain.  The most she said about her ears was that one “felt stuffy”.  Back home.  Found out that everyone loved the ice cream.

Left to pick up Audrey’s antibiotics from the pharmacy.  Back home.

Administered Audrey’s antibiotics (she hates the flavor).  Check in on Ems and her friend.  They were happy as could be.  Everyone decided they wanted McDonalds.

Audrey fell asleep.  Emily and her friend left to play with other friends in neighborhood.  I left to pick up dinner.

Brought food home.  Gathered everyone to eat.

Lit candles on the birthday cake.  Sang Happy Birthday.

Goodbyes.  Bathes.  Shower.  Everyone in bed.

Kind of want to eat a gallon of ice cream on top of a slab of birthday cake, covered with butterscotch topping and a chocolate chip cookie.


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