Not So Fancy

I guess it’s Sprite week!  All Sprite news, all the the time.  First, Sprite has been in Preschool 3 days, since we’ve removed dairy from her diet and she’s been doing great.  Again, I’m not for sure that this is the solution but it seems like quite a coincidence.  On to other Preschool news…

Remember how I mentioned how much Sprite wants to be a Princess?  On Monday, during dinner, Sprite was telling Fish that she wanted to go to a classmates house to play.  We’ll call said classmate, Sally.  Sprite went on to tell Fish that she’ll never be able to go to Sally’s house because Sally told her that she isn’t Fancy enough.  That Sprite will never, ever be fancy enough to come and visit Sally, because Sprite isn’t a “fashion girl”.  Whatever the hell that is???  I told Sprite to tell Sally that Sally isn’t being very Fancy by being so rude.  Sprite nodded and said, “Yeah, but I need to figure out how to get more fancy so I can go to Sally’s house.”  I don’t like Sally.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Sprite wasn’t crying or upset in any way.  Which kind of made me not like Sally even more.

I ended up sharing the story with a friend who encouraged me to tell the teacher and the teacher was sad that it happened.  We agreed the best solution is for her to tell Sprite how fancy she is tomorrow.  I love that teacher.


3 thoughts on “Not So Fancy

  1. Grr! Glad for a sensible teacher. Had a vile older girl in the vicinity who told my daughter she was ‘weird’ then started copying what she was saying. I let myself glare at her in an intimidating manner and extracted my child, but what I really wanted to say was something along the lines of – go to hell, you ugly little sh*t, and pick on someone your own size. Thank goodness for a modicum of self control. My daughter cared so much less than I did…

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