True Story

Sprite is in this Princess phase that will probably last forever.  I really shouldn’t call it a phase, as she’s always considered herself a princess.  Recently, she has started to ask me when she will actually become a princess.  I think she’s expecting some sort of ceremony in which we will declare her to be the fairest one of all, and then I will take her to a secret room with a closet full of flouncy dresses.  Maybe she’s just feeling her roots and is planning her quinceanera?

Oh, how she would love these dresses!  Oh, how that’s never gonna happen!

Anyhow, a few weeks ago we were getting some Jack in the Box and on the drive thru menu there was a picture of the bacon cheeseburger burger bride.  Do you know what I’m taking about?  This thing…

Sprite wanted that burger so badly.  She was shouting from the backseat, I don’t want a girled cheese, I want dat booger, da one wit the pretty pretty princess hat!!”  (I should teach the Princess the word tiara, if only to hear how funny her version of it would be.)  Fish and I finally convinced her that the burger does not come with the princess hat and that that burger is getting married and that is why the burger is wearing the princess hat and that if we ordered that burger it would just be a burger, which she hates.  Just as she was starting to grasp what we were talking about and all was right with the world, Pix pipes up and shouts, “A wedding???  We’re going to have a wedding at school next week!!”

Kindergartners getting married, what the heck???  This led to many, many questions between Fish and I as to who is getting married?  Are there bridesmaids?  Should we be there?  What is happening?  Pix, the girl of few words just stared at us with her big eyes, “I don’t know.”  SHRUG.  Then I forgot about the whole thing until yesterday over dinner when Pix announces, “Q got married to U today!”   Quazy.  The end.

(Never a dull moment, ever.)




5 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Oh dear. I had to go to a quinceañera last year. The girl wore a dress similar to the ones in the picture. I’m sure the parents could have bought a nice condo with all the money they spent on that party. Seriously.
    If my girls ever ask for one, it will be so very hard not to laugh at them. You know, unless we win the lottery *rolls eyes*
    I guess I should be happy L1 is sort of tomboyish, and L2 is happy to wear skirts or dresses, no princess obsession around here. I’m just drowning in pandas & penguins.

  2. This made me laugh so hard… the whole bit. The princess hat burger, the Kindergarteners getting married, and the wedding turning out to be between letters.

  3. It was definitely one of the funniest parenting moments I’ve had. I still laugh thinking about it all.

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