I’m on my fourth week of P90X and I’m feeling great.  I actually enjoy feeling the minor aches and pains as I get through my day, knowing that I did a good job of working out that morning.  I haven’t had a diet pepsi in 2 weeks.  This is HUGE!! (and deserves capital letters)  To quote Joe Biden, it’s a “Big F’ing Deal!”  I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would make it a day without diet pepsi, let alone 2 weeks.  I do allow myself to have unsweetened iced tea, but my beverages of choice lately are sparkling waters from Trader Joe’s.  The kind that has a slight essence of fruit.  None that has artificial sweeteners because aside from diet pepsi, artificial sweeteners in anything makes me sick.  I’ve also started drinking fruited waters (pictured above).  I think that’s what you would call it?  I get a big pitcher that I fill with ice water and then I add slices of lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries and cucumbers.  It tastes so refreshing and really settles my stomach when I’m feeling hunger pangs between meals.

Speaking of hunger pangs, I’ve now added Weight Watchers to my diet/workout program. I was doing a calorie counter when I first started working out but, having used WW in the past, it was hard for me to count my calories correctly.  I know this sounds odd.  Let me explain.  On WW, almost all fruits and vegetables are free, so when I was using a calorie counting app it would frustrate me to have to record fruits and veggies.  I would forget to do so, and then my calories would be off and then I would get frustrated and by the end of the day I felt like I did it all wrong.  Fish did tell me that it takes about 60 days for my body to figure out that the working out is a good thing and it can let go of the fat already, but just to be on the safe side I’m sticking with the security of points, instead of calories.

Not only am I working on shrinking me, I’m also working on shrinking our house.  Fish and I picked up a lot of moving boxes from the moving company that we will be using.  They are really helpful so far and I’m feeling good about choosing them to get all our belongings across the country.  My feeling on our move are ever changing.  I’ll have to find the time to explain further.  The best way that I can describe how I feel is I’ve climbed the high dive steps and I’m walking towards the end of the diving board, pretty sure I want to jump, but worried that I might land in a horrible belly flop.  At just 5 months out from moving, I’m guessing this is normal.  At least I hope so!


2 thoughts on “Shrinking

  1. Oh, I should make fruity water for myself! I never drink enough water, which is probably why my body gets mad at me.

    I doubt your move will be a belly flop! The water may be cold, but you’ll probably nail the landing ☺

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