40 Pieces of Mail

I love mail.  Love, love, love.  When I was a kid I had 15 plus pen pals.  When these pen pals asked me of their friends could write to me also, I said YES.  Who wouldn’t want more mail?  Not me!

In October I turned 40.  In the days leading up to my birthday, I received a postcard from my dear friend, Bethany.  It gave me a chuckle and I put it up on my bulletin board in the kitchen.  I did notice the marking of “1/40” on it and figured it was some sort of note left on post cards at the Post Office.  Then, I received a small package that contained glitter nail polish and a note to “Face My Fears” (I have a glitter phobia).  I noticed a “2/40” marked on the outside of the package.  Hmmm, the Post Office is getting weird lately.  Oh well, I happily applied my nail polish and commenced my glitter therapy.

THEN, more mail showed up and this time there was a “3/40” marked along with a note from Bethany “Have you figured it out yet?”

It was like that moment in the Sixth Sense where everything suddenly began to piece together and I realized, Holy Cow!!  I’m gonna get FORTY PIECES OF MAIL!!!  How cool is that????  And I did.  It was hands down one of my best birthday gifts ever.  Bethany sent me all sorts of cool notes, treats, drawings, even nature!  You can see all of the mail she sent me on her blog.

I already have all my mail packaged in a big envelope to look back on in the years to come.  Thank, my friend, for giving this ol’ geezer weeks worth of fun!

Edited to Add:  Now I realize, after reading Bethany’s post, that I received cookies before the glitter, so I guess I was munching on yummy apple pie cookies before starting glitter therapy.  See, this is how glitter messes you up, man.


3 thoughts on “40 Pieces of Mail

  1. This seriously was one of the most fun gifts I’ve ever given. And I think you had told me about your many penpals, yeah. I must have remembered it subconsciously to come up with the perfect gift. 😉

  2. What a gorgeous gift! Seriously, I think I’m going to have to emulate that idea. Lovely, lovely. Nicely done, Bethany. And the recipient? None more deserving! xo

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