Pix is Six


There are all those things that you say as your kids get older.  As trite as they may seem they are always so true.  Time does pass quickly and that little baby that would coo and grin at you as a little lump in your arms suddenly becomes this gangly long limbed kid who balances on your lap and tells you about her day at school, what she would name the dog that she will someday have, or will hold your face, look you straight in the eyes and say, “I love you mama.”  Then she will smile, the one that lights up her whole face.  I live for that smile.

Yesterday we took the girls to the zoo.  Pix had her new camera with her that Fish’s parents had given her for Christmas.  Tonight, I uploaded these pictures and enjoyed seeing life through her lens.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Audrey Claire.  I love how you see the world and, even more, how you change how I see mine.


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