This has been the week of Emily.  Nine is a pretty cool age.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of moments full of emotion and tears, but Emily has always been pretty emotional so this is kind of old hat for us.  Granted, we’ve had a break from this at 7 and 8, but seeing it bloom again right now isn’t too hard to deal with.  The great thing about 9 is we’re finally having actual conversations about stuff.  Emily has always been a great conversationalist and to have her be able to express more and more of her thoughts is great.

She’s also great at dong menial tasks while I’m baking.  Like peeling hazelnuts.

Earlier this week we went to get Emily’s haircut and afterwards we went on a quick shopping trip to pick up some dishwasher soap.  While we were out Emily gave me all sorts of great gift ideas for her sisters and even promised not to tell Sprite about a really cool gift that we picked up for her (great sale, I couldn’t pass it up).  We joked, we laughed, we bought icees.

Wednesday night Emily performed in her first school concert.  She is playing the clarinet for the first time.  It was so fun to see all these kids performing.

Pix and Sprite were entertained.

Thursday morning, Fish, Sprite and I attended an award ceremony for Emily.  She earned straight A’s on her report card and also recognition for a couple of other projects she had been working on at school.  I’m so proud of her!


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