Treats and Sweets

Now that I only have to stay with Sprite for about 10 minutes before I leave her in class…  Yes!  Just 10 minutes!  Can you believe that?  She seems to really be enjoying school again, the separation anxiety has lessened quite a bit.  So, now that I’m back to having more free time, (even though today was an early release day, which means I didn’t really have any time at all) I decided to continue my obsession with making sweet treats.

At one point today as I was looking down at all my goodies I started to think about that I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel ended up working at the candy factory.  Oh how I miss that show.

I’m a huge fan of mint and chocolate so I tried as many different combinations of mint and chocolate as I could.  Candy Cane Kisses with Plain M&Ms and white/milk chocolate Hugs with mint M&Ms.  Yum.

Preheat oven to 225 degrees for the hugs and kisses.  Bake for 2-3 minutes.  Long enough to soften, but not long enough for them to start flattening.

Squish and squish and squish those M&Ms.

Then I got really crazy and increased the oven temp to 350 and graduated to ROLOS on my pretzels.  3 – 4 minutes baked, time to top with all sorts of goodies.  I used pecans, cinnamon M&M’s (Yes!  Cinnamon!), I even topped with some of my sugar spiced nuts (the hazelnuts are my favorite)

As soon as these beauties cool I’m going to pack them up for friends and family so I don’t eat them all.

Tonight Clarabelle is playing the clarinet at her first ever band concert.  I’m so excited.


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