The Weekend

When the kids all started school this year I thought that I would enjoy more free time.  I was so wrong!  Weekdays are so busy with school, schoolwork, after school activities, hanging out in Sprite’s class until she is comfortable with being there without me, the list goes on.  I find myself craving the weekends when we can do as we please or do nothing that pleases us.

I’ve been starting to prepare goodies for the holidays.  Last night Pix and Sprite helped me shell nuts.  It was a slow process with those two.  They lack focus at times.  Even though production isn’t the most efficient, it’s nice to have my girls around.

This morning my parents came by to pick up Pix for they day.  Fish and I took Clarabelle and Sprite geocaching.  Sprite was really confused as to what was happening at first.  Clarabelle is becoming a pro.  She and Fish discussed coordinates and planned a route for us to take.



Ah ha!

It finally all made sense to Sprite.  She was very happy to find an army man.  I don’t think she’s ever had one before.

The rest of the day I spent running all over town running errands.  Why is that so exhausting?  Or maybe it’s just me who gets exhausted.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. OMG…my computer just downloaded the pictures, C has gotten so tall! I cannot believe how quickly our March 2002 girls have grown up.

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