Today was supposed to be a relaxing day for me.  I had plans to knit and relax, until Fish made me freak out that I wouldn’t be able to find some of the toys that the kids had wanted for Christmas.  I found myself driving all over town trying to find a stupid toy that nobody had in stock.

Out of sheer desperation I ended up at Walmart.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there, it was appalling and awful and Walmart should be ashamed of themselves.  At least the one I went to should be.  Please tell me there are Walmarts out there that actually care about their customers?  I understand there is a give and take to low prices but, never mind.  Fish has already gotten an earful, I need to let it go.

Today did redeem itself when I made treats with the girls.

Yes, Rolos!


4 thoughts on “Sweet!

  1. OH EM GEE, did you buy your Nestle candy at WalMart?! I am appalled. (I appall easily.)
    (You know I don’t mean that. I love you. And while you know my feelings about Nestle, those rolo-pretzel-things look absolutely delicious.)

  2. I ended up at WalMart last night, but
    1. No one has been randomly murdered at this particular store
    2. No one was acting like a crazy person at this particular store
    3. Everyone I saw was wearing real clothes at this particular store
    4. I asked for help with a fake Christmas tree, and I received excellent customer service. The young man was extremely apologetic about a) not being able to open the back to get me the F tree (no, really, that’s what it was called) and told me that if I came back in the morning, the manager would either find me an F tree or sell me the display tree. I ended up getting an N tree & it’s fine. Less fluffy, but still better than Charlie Brown’s tree.

    Now, please tell me more about that 3rd picture

  3. Could you post the recipe to your candy nuts – or spiced nuts – or whatever you call your nuts?

    (commence giggling like a 13yo boy – hehehe nuts nuts nuts)

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