Recently, a friend of a friend posted a Facebook status about how she is always uncomfortable when people are doing a service in her home.  I wanted to commiserate, but I don’t know her very well and an out of the blue affirmation from a stranger may have been weird.  I’m probably completely over thinking here.  Obviously, I’m an over thinker.

This leads me to my question.  What DO you do when someone is in your house fixing an appliance, or installing cable, or even cleaning your house?  I don’t have anyone clean my house because 1) my house is too tiny to justify the service 2) even if my house was larger, I feel awkward sitting around while people clean my house.  I’m thinking I should get suggestions now since when we move I’ll have all sorts of people in my home doing various services as we get settled.

Currently, when someone is in my home providing a service I usually sit in the kitchen or living room keeping the kids away from said people.  If the kids are at school, I will act like my computer is the most interesting thing in the world.  I sometimes make small talk but when I’m home alone, without Fish, I don’t want to come off as a desperate housewife.  If you know what I mean?

As I was thinking about how I could provide a better experience for the service people who enter my home, my thinking started to go over the top.  Like, if you were a plumber, how awesome would it be to show up to streamers, air horns and the shouts of “SURPRISE!!!” as the occupant of the home you’re visiting hands you a plunger with a bow on it?  “Now get to work, my toilet is clogged.”  Hmmm, maybe not so much?

Seriously though, am I the only person who finds this as awkward as I do?  I will concede that I don’t think normally about many everyday situations.  Close friends now know how hard it is for me to shop for zucchini.  Why should this be any different?



4 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. I used to have someone clean the house when we lived in Riverside (okay, it happened maybe a half dozen times in the 4ish years we were there). We had a park outside, so I took the kids there. Another time, I left the signed check & left for Disneyland. Because, yeah, it’s awkward.
    Hmm… I’m no help at all.

  2. I must confess I am talkative to the plumber who has had visit us frequently in the past 5 years. I have never had a housekeeper, but one would be super duper nice.
    I guess it really depends on how friendly they are and if I think they are going to rip me off or steal. Yes, I work in law enforcement so I hear all the horror stories of theft by service people so I tend to check on them more often than not.

  3. Oh, I hate having people working in my house. Usually I try to look extra busy, and not like I’m a princess who likes to have people do things for me. This is pretty ridiculous, because all of the people advertise their services and charge a fee, so it’s not like I’m forcing anyone to work for me under duress. If I had a regular housekeeper, I’m sure I would get over this anxiety in favor of having a clean house at someone else’s hand.

  4. I usually introduce myself when they come in, show them where they need to work, and then tell them if they need me I’ll be in the kitchen or wherever. I usually check on them occasionally if they’re around longer than a few minutes, and depending on the weather and where they’re working (i.e., if they’re outside and it’s hot/cold) I might offer them water or Coke or coffee. When we have our house cleaned, I move from room to room to stay out of their way as much as I can, but wander through where they’re cleaning occasionally just so they know I’m around if they need me.

    It’s all kind of awkward, but I think I’ve had enough movers and servicepeople in our series of rented homes over the years that I’ve gotten better at just smiling and powering through the awkwardness. I figure no one is going to look at me funny for being nice and offering them a glass of water, you know?

    (The zucchini thing made me laugh out loud.)

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