Into the Thick of It

I’ve spent a total of 6 days in Sprite’s preschool class (3 hours a day).  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to stop going altogether.  I did leave the classroom 30 minutes early one day so far, but the opportunity to do so has not repeated itself.  I basically need to find a time in the day that I thin she would be completely comfortable with me leaving.  As I start to do this, I will be leaving earlier and earlier in small increments.  This is definitely the long way round as opposed to the short trek if we decided to resort to medication.

I’m opposed to using the meds with Sprite.  They worked wonders for Clarabelle, but hers were very much a necessity.  I don’t think we’re at that level with Sprite.  I think time and maturity will help her situation.

I’ve been very ambivalent about the need for me to be in class with Sprite.  On one hand, I hate that I’m giving up time that was purely ME time during the day.  I’ve been a little pouty about that over the past week.  Internally, of course.  So there is a negative, but I’ve also had time to focus on the positive.  This list can go much longer.  I’m getting a rare glimpse into my kid’s life.  Listening to preschoolers talk is downright hysterical.  Their observations can be so endearing.  The other day Sprite opened her lunch (in which I had put two chocolate gem donuts) and the little boy sitting next to her looked over and said, “Little Molly has big, big donuts!!”  The fact that he called her “Little” just about killed me.  They are ALL little.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be needed in class.  I’m hoping we’ll progress quickly.  Whatever the case may be, I’m glad that I can be there for Sprite.  I hope she appreciates this when she’s older and I’m the last person she wants around 😛


7 thoughts on “Into the Thick of It

  1. I hope so too, thank you! Today I had my parents take Sprite with them for the day. I didn’t want her to have fun time at home with mom and dad, dashing all the work we have been doing with making school fun. Sprite was very nervous about leaving with my parents and it was kind of hard for her to do. This made me feel a lot better knowing that it’s a phase that Sprite is going through and not the school that is causing her all the stress. If that makes any sense?

    I know that we’ll eventually get through this. I just happen to have a very stubborn kid on my hand. Remember the food strike? I know she isn’t doing it on purpose, which is making it easier for me to do this for her.

  2. Let’s just say that I’m glad Thanksgiving break is here. School resumes on the 28th. I know I’ll be begging for them to go back by next Thursday, but at least there’s no drama for a few days.

    I know you’re not the praying kind but I pray for all of you daily.

    This transition will be the hardest one until she attends school all day.

    I really hope this isn’t as hard on you as the Food War was.

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate all prayers. I believe in the power of prayer. I’m so thankful for everyone rooting for Sprite.

  4. My friend’s daughter seems to be having the same issues in my son’s preschool class (they are in the same class, she’s 5)..but my friend is blaming the teachers, not her daughter. Did your daughter’s teacher(s) mention to you what could be causing her lack of wanting to participate?

  5. We’re dealing with an extreme case of separation anxiety. If I’m sitting in the corner of the room, she participates and there are no tears. If I’m not in the room she just cries and screams the entire time she’s in class.

    I hope your friend is able to find the root of the problem. It can be really frustrating to get through.

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