Working it Out

 Sprite is having a hard time staying in school and getting through her day.  I made her this bento box with CHOCOLATE CAKE, but it wasn’t enough to keep her there.  We’re dealing with an extreme case of separation anxiety and we’re doing everything possible to keep from resorting to meds.

I’m staying in Sprite’s class the whole three hours and the plan is for me to gradually start to leave her alone in the classroom in small increments.  I thought today would be the day that I leave 20 minutes before class let out but an hour into class I had to remove Sprite from the classroom because she was having a hard time leaving my side and participating in class.  It was very disruptive.  In this case I’m supposed to call Fish and have him take Sprite home.  Then, as far as Sprite is concerned, I spend the rest of my time in class and go home later and tell Sprite about all the great things she missed because she went home.  In reality, I went grocery shopping.

The first two days of this process were great.  I sat in a corner and knit while Sprite participated.  She had a hard time with transitions but just needed to come to me for a hug each time and then was happy to join the class.  She was full of smiles and giggles.  I’m not sure what caused the backslide today.  I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow.





4 thoughts on “Working it Out

  1. Wow, honey. That’s gotta be so hard. But “this too shall pass” right? Right! You’re such an awesome mama. The perfect one for Sprite & your other two dolls. So keep on keeping on. xo

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