The Middle

Angella wrote about her middle child recently and while commenting I was reminded of a post I wrote over two years ago, on my old blog, regarding Pix.  It was fun to go back and read.

Written on July 10, 2009

Hey Little Monk.  You’ve been on my mind a lot lately.  While your sisters run around squeaking their wheels, you turn silent and subtle.  I see you, I even hear your faint squeaks when you think I’m too busy to notice.  You’ve been coming around a lot more lately.  Sharing your stories with me.  Your adventures as of late.  I’m getting inside your head a little more each day.

Your imagination is blossoming.  Lately, your best friend is a big pink horse named Rose.  You gallop on her throughout the house and she gets thirsty from all that running.  She likes juice.  Almost as much as you do.  You are the “pretty pretty princess”, in love with all things pink.

I’ve been eyeing your treasure box lately.  I know this is your most prized possession.  In it I am guaranteed to find your special ceramic dinosaur and your jewelry.  I’ve seen you entertain your little sister often by showing her these special items.  She seems to understand that these are important and she watches wide eyed, but never grabs.  I love the time you spend with her.  As much as I love the time you spend with your big sis.

When I think of the three of you together, you come to mind first.  I find this interesting as most have told me that the middle child is the one who usually gets lost in the shuffle.  I see it differently, I guess.  You’re the glue that binds. 

I’ll be sure to take some time tomorrow and hold you for a spell.  I think we both need some time together.


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