What Should We Do Today?

 Let’s go to the Pumpkin Patch.  I’m sending Pix to school with her Phineas (and Ferb) lunch and then Sprite and I are going with friends to a real working farm to look at (for?) pumpkins!  Happy Fall!



2 thoughts on “What Should We Do Today?

  1. Wouldn’t it be awkward if they didn’t actually let you near the pumpkins?
    If it’s the same as I remember, from 10,000 years ago when I only had 2 kids… we pay, get on a wagon, ride around & hope we don’t fall… and then pick a pumpkin.
    Then again, the time when I only had 2 kids is a bit blurry. The years before I had any kids seem to have been almost wiped from my memory.

  2. Um, can you be my mom and make me awesome Bento lunches?

    I’ve asked Adam if I could make him Bento lunches (and then after showing him what that was) he gave me a look like I’ve lost my fool mind. Although he does like the Phineas sandwich.

    Carus likes the idea, but the followthrough would leave her with “But it’s too cute to eat and I just want spaghetti-o’s”

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