It Didn’t Have Anything to do with Anything*

I’m continuing with the Bento.  This morning’s Bento was particularly bright and colorful so I shall share.

It’s been unusually warm lately.  Wait, that’s not true, it’s been downright hot, which isn’t really unusual for Southern California in the beginning of Fall.  I’ve learned to not hate it so much.  The kids have already been working hard in school so Fish and I treated them to a day of fun.  We met up with my parents and took them to a small petting zoo, then to the library to see fish in their huge aquarium.  After fish watching we went outside to play in the water spout fountain, wrapping up our day doing artwork at my parents’ house.

Sometime this past week I found myself watching the Rachel Zoe show.  Now if anyone asks me why we’re leaving California I can just answer, “To get as far away from the people of the Rachel Zoe show as possible.”  Just kidding, sort of.  It’s just a different scene than what I’m used to.  An example, her husband going on a “boys getaway” to Las Vegas.  While there he toasts his pregnant wife and unborn son, hoping that the baby “comes out masculine”  I would now like to replace my annoyance of the phrase, “At the end of the day” with the more annoying use of the word “Obvi” as in OBVIOUS.  “I’m thinking that I should get a million dollar handbag to match the billion dollar dress I bought last week.”   “OBVI!!!!”

Dexter and Homeland began last night.  Loved both of them.  I’m a huge fan of Mandy Patinkin and I’m already enjoying him in Homeland.  There was a part of me that wished upon wishes that he would throw in a “Peanut” to Claire Danes at one point in last night’s episode.  Of course, that didn’t happen.   Dexter has now added Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos to their cast.  They are already showing signs of being sinister and creepy, traits that only that show can make entertaining.  Now I just need The Walking Dead and The Killing to start up again to become the Ultimate Couch Potato.  I do knit while watching so I guess I don’t get full Couch Potato Status.

*an homage that probably makes sense to nobody but me that is from an album by The Pixies.


3 thoughts on “It Didn’t Have Anything to do with Anything*

  1. I’ve never watched the Rachel Zoe project… and right now I’m glad ; )

    Also… which library with a huge aquarium & water spout fountain? Is it the one just blocks from my house? (which reminds me, I need to figure out how to get a library card for that place- totally illegally, since I don’t live/work/go to school in the city)

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