New Rhythm

Clarabelle and Pix are now in school.  They started Wednesday (8/31).  School is old hat to Clarabelle now, so drop off really wasn’t a thing at all.  She did ask me to walk her to school this first week and starting next week she’ll go on her own in the morning.  CB is in a mixed class this year.  Half third grade, half fourth grade.  I’m not sure of all the particulars of her class.  I’ll find out more on Back to School night.  I’ll admit, I was a little taken aback when I first found out about her class.  Luckily, I was in a mixed class in my 5th grade school year and I remember that being one of my very favorite school years, so I think everything will be just fine.  I’d share a picture of her, but she is still somewhat camera shy.

Pix is now in Kindergarten!  We had a meet and greet for her a day before school started.  She was a little shy and timid while we were in her class together.  When we got home she told me that she might miss me while at school, but she’ll cry about it later.  Pix, so practical!  She has a great teacher.  Very warm and friendly and most important, fun!  I can tell that Pix is enjoying the new responsibilities she will have in Kinder and she’s looking forward to learning more new things.

Sprite will be in preschool starting next Tuesday (9/6).  Once I have Sprite settled in class, I think I’ll finally be able to breathe.  We went to her meet and greet today.  She didn’t want me to leave her side, but after a while, she was so enthralled with all of the toys in the room that I was able to stand away from her while she played.  Sprite is a bit of a drama queen, so I’m not sure what to expect  from her.  I know that she’ll eventually loved going to preschool.  I hope it’s quick and easy to get to that point.  Wish us luck!

All three of my kids will be in school at the same time for 3 hours, 4 days a week.   Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this?  I’m looking forward to having that time to myself.  Just enough time to finally recharge and maybe get more organized, catch up on work, go out to lunch with Fish….the possibilities are somewhat endless….


3 thoughts on “New Rhythm

  1. I was just thinking that a few hours to myself sounds like heaven… but I wouldn’t trade homeschooling for anything. It’s finally mostly fun for everyone!

    I feel left out; I was never in a mixed grade class. Unless you count electives in 4th-8th grade, which were mostly all grade classes. That was pretty cool.

  2. Having time to yourself – you’re living the dream!

    Adam did a mixed 3rd/3rd class. It was two classes so there were different learning opportunities but they were the same grade. Carus did a mixed 1st/2nd class when she was in 1st grade and it was good. She liked being able to tell people she skipped to 2nd grade 😛

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