We’re nearing the end of Summer Vacation.  I’ve been busy getting the girls ready for school.  We’ve been buying school supplies, lunch bags, backpacks, shoes, clothes etc.  Today was a day spent with Clarabelle.  It was an unplanned mom and daughter day.  Yesterday she told me that the gum around one of her upcoming permanent teeth was very irritated.  I took a look and it was very swollen and almost looked like it was blistered.  We had an appointment for the dentist to take a look.  Since I was going to be out with CB we decided to do some clothes shopping for school.

Last year I had absolutely no input from CB about what she would wear to school.  The most flattering outfit for her body type is a t-shirt type top with skorts or scooters (loose skirt with shorts sewn in underneath).  CB announced a few weeks ago that she didn’t want to wear those to school anymore and she wanted to start school in shorts.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the most flattering piece of clothing for her but I think she should have input on her clothes.  So, before her appointment with the dentist we went to the mall to find a flattering pair of shorts and jeans.  Prior to this moment in time, she has refused to wear any sort of jeans, ever.  The whole experience went a lot better than I had expected it to go.  CB was visibly nervous about the whole process.  I could tell that she was afraid we wouldn’t find anything and her self esteem was teetering in the balance.  I did my best to stay positive and get through the items that just didn’t fit.

The thing is (to quote my dear daughter) we are dealing with a weight issue.  BUT!  I can’t say that to my child.  CB gained weight rapidly when she was on Zoloft and whatever caused that shift has stayed in her system.  She has been very active this summer and I don’t have a house full of junk food, but it seems so hard for her to trim down.  So instead of harping on what we both know, we are going into action.  CB has agreed to listen to me about what she can and cannot eat and I have made a commitment to walk with her every evening.  This has become so much more than a weight issue.

This has become and act of love for the both of us.  See, my kid knows that I still have some pounds to shed too, but she has never brought this to my attention.  She’s much too kind.

Every evening for the past week we set out on our walk through the neighborhood.  Then we walk over to the school and chat under the trees.  I’m learning more and more about my oldest daughter.  I knew she was growing up but my brain didn’t quite make that transition to the older child that she is.  Yesterday, as we were passing through the parking lot of a church that is near our home, we began to approach a lady on her cell phone.  I didn’t recognize her, but as she passed us she told the person on the phone to hold on a second, looked at CB and said “Hi Clarabelle, how are you doing this evening?”  Clarabelle shyly hello’d back and kind of smiled.  As we kept walking I asked her who that lady was and she told me, “Oh, she’s one of the neighbors who lives further down our street.  She’s has Otter Pops.”

Today we decided to walk around the school halls and see if we could find any teachers preparing for the beginning of school.  We ended up running into Molly’s preschool teacher (I LOVE HER) and CB’s preschool teacher from way back when (I MIGHT LOVE HER MORE) and the principal.  It was good to see them again.

Tonight I’m getting anxious about the first days for my girls.  I have no idea how Sprite will do.  She’s never been with anybody other than me, Fish or my parents.  I can’t get a good read on Pix, she doesn’t show her cards until the last minute, so it could go either way.  Clarabelle is a lot more self conscious, I hope her friends continue to be as nice as they have been in the past.

I feel like I’m heading towards the peak of a mountain.  I wish I could see the top from here.


2 thoughts on “Climbing

  1. I’ve thought about that. I think it’s more because all the kids will be in school this year. I’m really looking forward to the schedule of school and all the fun that Fall and Winter bring. I’m just feeling anxious about getting back into that groove.

    I’m also feeling like this is the end of being able to pretend that my children are babies, they won’t let me do that anymore 😛

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