I wanted to ask for some advice on an issue regarding Sprite, but I don’t feel like a downer of a post.  Instead, I ask you to hope that I am able to maintain patience through what I hope is a phase that ends soon.

How about a funny story?

They other day Pix told me she wanted to watch a movie.  She was deciding whether or not she wanted to watch Spirit when Clarabelle perked up and asked her if she wanted to watch The Last Unicorn.  I tried to shush Clarabelle because we had lost that disc years ago.  Why I kept the cover, I don’t know.  I guess I was hoping that I would find it in an odd corner of the house one day.  I did think it odd that we outright lost it, because that never happened with any of our DVD’s before.  They may go missing for a day or so, but eventually someone would find it in the van, the playroom, somewhere.  As I was reminding Clarabelle that we had lost that DVD a long time ago, a sheepish look washed across her face.

Clarabelle went on to tell me that she hated that movie when we got it and she hid it under her bed, but a year ago she felt bad about it and returned it to the cover without telling anybody about it.  You’ve got to be kidding me!!  That is so much like that kid, haha.

In other news, we received Clarabelle’s results from the Star testing she took at school towards the end of the last school year.  She scored really well in all subject areas, surpassing her peers in some subjects.  I’m really proud of her for all her efforts.  She had received an award at the end of the year for perfect attendance also.  I often joke about how absentminded Clarabelle can be, but she really can be very responsible, especially when it comes to school.  Today I received an email from her preschool teacher.  Miss J now works at the school district and came across CB’s test results today.  She congratulated CB in her email, saying that she was very impressed with CB’s scores.  I responded with deep gratitude, as I do believe that Miss J was the beginning of Clarabelle’s success story.  I think that had we had a less knowledgeable person working with CB in those early years, our outcome would have been very different.  I’m looking forward to this next school year and seeing Clarabelle continue to thrive.


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