Dreamland Is Not For the Weak

Fish had such a horrible dream the other night.  It was so bad that, as he told me about it the next morning, we were blubbering away trying not to freak Pix and Sprite out with our silliness.

The Dream.  Fish, Pix, Sprite and I died.  Clarabelle was somewhere else, not sure where.  Fish and I knew we were dead but we couldn’t find Pix and Sprite.  We were wandering around the ghost world and these two glowing orb-like figures were showing us how to navigate the ghost world.  We had a few encounters with other beings that were scary and threatening.  The orbs helped us and kept us safe, although they could not verbally communicate with us.  Finally, we completed all the tasks needed to enter the true ghost world.  We were introduced to a ghost elder and were finally able to talk to someone about where our children were.

This is where it became intense.  The ghost elder told us that our babies had been with us the whole time.  They were the light orbs.  They were learning how to break away from us because ghost children do not stay with their parents, they slowly detach emotionally to the point that they will no longer remember us.  As he was speaking the light orbs were drifting away from us and slowly forming into Pix and Sprite.  We kept calling to them, but they wouldn’t turn around, they were entering their ghost world.  They walked away, towards a line of other ghost children, waiting to enter their world.   Holding hands, looking curiously at each other, happy.  No longer a part of us.  Then Fish woke up.


5 thoughts on “Dreamland Is Not For the Weak

  1. OMG!!! I would have been blubbering too. Although I have to say, flushed out, this dream (idea) as you described it would make an incredible novel.

  2. Oops! Hit send too soon. Re: the novel: I want to know where those kid ghosts are off to & whom they meet, how the parents cope in the adult ghost world and whom *they* meet and what happens to the child left behind in the living world. Seriously. You’ve got some seriously cool material here. Well, once you get past the realness of it as it pertains to you. SCARY. I hate those dreams. But, man!, intriguing.

  3. I was thinking the same thing! As Fish told me his dream it was so intense and I could picture it all in my head. I wish I could write well enough to make a novel like this because it really could be an amazing journey. Maybe I could put a Clarabelle character in there, someone who is our last touch with the living…. So many possibilities with this.

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