Living the Dream

Something that made me laugh recently.  Fish went to the market to pick up, what was it?  Spinach!  and ice cream.  and cones.  and caramel.  Mmmm caramel.  That’s not the funny part.  I just miss the caramel because I’m back to tracking my Weight Watchers points and caramel is just fluffy extra points that I don’t want to use right now.

The funny is the license plate he saw in the parking lot of the market.  It read, “Never settle for less than a Fairy Tale” and it was on a beat up Ford Explorer.  Oh the irony!  Who am I to judge though?  Maybe that is somebody’s Fairy Tale?  To drive around in that Ford Explorer, meeting up with Princes for bowls of porridge and going home late at night to fall asleep on a pile of mattresses.  If not for that damn pea!  That Pea, so frustrating it is.



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