Ah, Life!

Where shall I begin?  To the point, I guess.  Remember all those concerns that Fish and I had about the timing of our move?  The concerns that led us to the decision to put off our move for a year?  To this date, every single one of these concerns is no longer an issue.  Which means, had we not changed our plans, we could have moved no later than July, of this year!!  Heavy sigh.

At this point it would take us a good 3 months to get back on track, but since we are slaves to the school year, that isn’t possible.  I had this great idea of homeschooling the kids for a year so we could move this Fall.  I thought it would be a fun adventure, homeschooling, extended trip across country, etc.  Unfortunately, when I brought up the idea of being homeschooled, the kids freaked out.  They cried and told me that there was NO WAY they would do school at home.  Even Sprite!!!  She’s been looking forward to going to “Audi’s school” this whole year.  Fish and I decided that it would be tough enough for the kids to get used to a new location, so ruining their school experience on top of that probably isn’t our best course of action.

Even though I’m kind of bummed, it’s all OK.  We can take our time and enjoy the rest of our time here.  Visit family.  Save more money.  Get even more organized, if that is even possible.  We definitely need to get out of this home within a year though.  Our poor rental is getting tired and starting to fall apart around us.  I don’t want to keep dealing with endless visits from the handyman.

So the calendar has been marked and if it changes again, I give up!


One thought on “Ah, Life!

  1. Boooo that we don’t get to see you on your way out BUT I truly do believe that sometimes things happen for a reason. Who knows what’s in store for you? Or not. In the grand scheme of things one year isn’t really that long! Love you!

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