Never A Bore, the Age of Four*

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, is Sprite’s fourth birthday.  As much as it’s hard for me to admit that there are no more babies in my house, this is a very thrilling day for me.  My youngest is growing into this little kid that makes me smile pretty much every day.  Sprite is the Rebel.  The Imp.  The Troublemaker.  She is everything I could never be at her age (heck, even now) and I love her for this.  I think the fact that none of her actions are done with bad intentions that make them so amusing to me.  She loves nothing more than to entertain the whole family, while sneaking away with our belongings.  OH, Sprite!

This week in preschool, Pix has been learning about growing and change.  Today she was supposed to take a baby picture for share time to show how much she has changed in the past 5 years.  I went back to my old blog and found pictures of Pix and Sprite and Clarabelle.  There sure has been a lot of growing and changing in our family.  Sprite, started out as this gummy grinned baby who loved nothing more than to sit in her bouncy seat and watch the family do their thing.  Today she is this happy go lucky kid who is the first to say, “I Love You!” and runs to me with a tight squeeze around my leg, just when I need it most.

In four short months my little buddy will be starting preschool and I can’t wait to see her grow and thrive with her peers, just as Pix is doing right now.  Happy Birthday Moe Moe, we love you so very much!

*stolen from the title of a post I wrote for Clarabelle when she was 4.  Now I need a tissue…


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