Hush Puppy

Today was Kentucky Derby day.  Woohoo!!  I decided the race watching wouldn’t be complete without a batch of mint juleps and some hush puppies.  I knew of a good non alcoholic julep recipe, the version they serve at Disneyland.  I needed to find creme de menthe syrup and also mail out a package for work so I told Fish I was going to go to the Post Office and then see if I could find the syrup, hopefully at Cost Plus.  It took me a lot longer to get everything I needed, about 2 hours.  I came home to find Fish rather upset with the phone in his hand about to call the hospital.  He told me he thought for sure that I had been in an accident or something worse.  No, just me being my flighty self.  Sorry dear.  Before we could hug and tell each other how much we loved one another, I had to wipe a butt.  Business as usual!

Derby Snack

I whipped up a delicious batch of mint juleps and hush puppies and we watched the race together.  Congratulations Animal Kingdom!  Such a beautiful horse.


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