In the Eye of the Beholder

Summer is fast approaching and the girls are spending more time outside.  Once Pix and Sprite are dressed, and sometimes even before they are dressed, they run outside and play on the patio.  Later in the afternoon Clarabelle runs home, finishes her homework and spends the rest of the afternoon/evening riding her scooter and playing with her friends.  She stops by for a quick dinner whenever it is served.

Right now bikes are all the rage in our home.  CB is finally becoming confident enough to learn how to ride.  She’s already outgrown her last two wheeled bike and is on to a larger one.  Her previous bike has been bestowed upon Pix, who thinks she’s won the lotto.  She doesn’t see how sad and tired that little purple bike has become.  It’s tires are cracked, the grips are half gone, the streamers were pulled off long ago (OH, SPRITE!), the flowers on the seat have become faded.  None of this matters to Pix and I love her all the more for this.

I’m realizing, the longer I’m a parent, the more I’m remembering my childhood and it’s almost become the standard to how I’m raising my kids.  I believe I received 2 brand new bikes in my childhood.  The rest were hand me downs from my brother or gifts from my grandpa.  He would scour garage sales in the winter and  in early spring he would show up with a rag tag lot of bikes for my brother and I to choose from.  The bikes we didn’t pick he would load up and take to the rest of the kids in our family.  Half the fun of bike ownership growing up was rebuilding and getting our bikes into working condition, just the way we wanted them.

Pix is already taking this lead.  Her and Sprite have been spending their mornings decorating her “new” bike with flowers and “wheats” (weeds they found somewhere out back that look like wheat to them).  I can’t wait till this weekend when I take Pix to the store to get some new grips with streamers for her bike.  Maybe we’ll even give the bike a good washing out on the lawn too.  Just like I used to do when I was a kid.


3 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Beholder

  1. I remember the best Easter ever when I got a brand-new bike (the best bike ever, incidentally, except for the awesome bike I have right now, hahaha).
    But outside of that, we were all about buying used bikes and fixing them up. Good times.

  2. My grandma bought me a bike. I think it was late elementary school when she bought it for me. I had that bike for years, then it had a broken wheel & I still kept it. One day I decided to freecycle it, and a nice old man was excited to fix up my old, black & hot pink bike. Knowing it went to a loving home made me happy.

  3. I swear this will be the month my son learns to ride without training wheels b/c, well, bikes are just so much more fun without them. They’re just so inhibiting! Our kids have summer b-days and are different genders, so both got new bikes for their b-days last year. It’s such an ‘easy gift.’ 🙂
    I’m glad your girls are enjoying their bikes and outside time! Viva la summer!

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