Chain of Events

Sometime last week CBelle had crocheted a chain with some spare yarn I had in my stash.  The yarn was fairly thick.  CB took it outside to use it as a jump rope and when she was done, she tied it to a post on the low fence we have surrounding half of our patio.  Pix and Sprite were playing outside and suddenly I heard a lot of screaming.  Sprite came running inside upset and I looked outside to see Pix running away from the fence, with the yarn rope tied around her neck.  I watched as the slack ran out and snapped her back, falling to the ground.  She jumped up again and started to run again.  I grabbed her and pulled her back, trying to untie the “rope” as quickly as I could.  Pix was a mess.

Apparently, the girls were pretending they were horses and Pix decided to tie herself to the fence.  Unfortunately, a bumble bee showed up and scared the girls.  Just when you think you’ve made every precaution to keep your kids safe, they ultimately find a way to put themselves in a pickle!


3 thoughts on “Chain of Events

  1. Dang, that’s scary! Good thing her sister knew to go get you!
    I’ve preached the “not around your neck” sermon so many times… my kid likes to tie things. :/

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