HoKay, So…..

I’ve faced my homebody demons and made myself more social this week.  I’m so glad I did.  Brenda and Sonja came by for a visit.  We had a house full of kids that were happy and giggling.  Except for Sprite who kept coming to me with various complaints.  I forget that she gets very overwhelmed with busy and noisy, which is kind of odd because if I was to describe Sprite I would say, busy and noisy.  The reality is that she really isn’t all that noisy and her busy has a lot of direction, so a house full of kids sets her off in some ways I guess.  Not in a horrible way.  Just in a slightly needy way.

It was nice to be among good friends and laugh.  Today the weather was in between storms with wonderful breaks of blustery clouds and blue blue skies.  We decided to walk down the street to pick up lunch.  I need to remind myself to go on walks on days like today.  It always puts a smile on my face.

So Spring Break is winding down.  I survived a week of kids home all day, a husband who has been working really hard, and updates from my parents who were both healing from various medical procedures.  I’ll be glad when Monday comes around and we’re back to the normal everyday schedule that includes me ditching my kids for a few hours a day.  Kidding!  I’ve really enjoyed my babies being around me all day everyday, but I think that they are missing the fun that they have at school.  Especially Pix who keeps asking when she can FINALLY go back.


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