Happy Birthday, Princess!

Today was Fish’s birthday.  I did everything I could to make him feel special today.  “You’re the Birthday Boy!” was said quite often today.  I guess I show my love with baking because there was a lot of that going on today.  I made Fish his favorite German Chocolate cake and also this amazing batch of Monkey Bread.  It was so good.  I wish it had turned out not as good as it did so I wouldn’t be so tempted to eat it.  I am back on WW after weeks of maintaining.

We all went out to dinner as a family.  If there is a restaurant that makes some sort of kiddie cocktail that makes children zombie like, sitting in their seat for an entire meal, they will make millions.  Clarabelle and Pix were fine, but Sprite, OH SPRITE!  That kid is a ball of energy and she has all these things going on in her head.  I think she thinks she is the star of her own reality show.  Always singing, always dancing, always…always!  I’m glad she sat next to Fish, Happy Birthday baby!  ha.

Tomorrow I’ll have to share my fantastic getaway to the beach and our fourth pseudo child.


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