Have I mentioned how happy I am for Clarabelle lately?  She now has what I guess we would call a “best friend”, even though I’ve always discouraged her from using that label.  I have always told her why limit yourself to just one friend?  Anyhow, there is one friend who lives right across the street and these two are together almost every day after school.  They stop by to hang out and regroup before riding their scooters for hours at a time.

Last weekend CB spent a good amount of time across the street visiting.  The girls scootered over for some ingredients for friend’s mom to bake with, then later they delivered a warm batch of snickerdoodles.  I have great memories of my childhood that are similar to this and I’m so happy that CB is experiencing the same freedom and happiness that Fish and I had as kids.  Sometimes I look out the kitchen window and see her whizzing past with a big smile on her face.  It’s funny to see my kid out in the world doing her thing.

Today was the last day before school is out for Spring Break and the neighborhood was buzzing well into the evening with happy kids.  CBelle left with friend to go scootering over at the school.  Friend has a big brother who watched them and made sure they were safe.  They picked up another kid in the neighborhood along the way and had a great time of it all.

Clarabelle returned home sweaty, face stained with dirt, happy.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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