March 14, 2011 Dust Settles

I’ve had some time to let everything sink in and I’m feeling a little bit better about our decision to wait on the move.  It’s hard when I think about all the things I wanted for us when we move there, but I’ve been making myself think of the positives that I have right now.  There really are a lot of positives and if I can just shift my way of thinking to focus on these things than I can be much happier.

This move is for the betterment of our long term goals in life, so pushing back a year really has no bearing on those goals.  What I can look forward to in the next year if we stay here is 3 hours alone with Fish every Monday through Thursday!!!  Woohoo!!  hahaha.  This is depending on whether or not Pix and Sprite are going to Kindergarten and Preschool at the same time and you can be pretty damn sure I will bribe people do everything I need to do to make this happen.

Another positive is we will have time to make our moving nest egg 3 times larger than if we left this summer.  Granted, if everything goes to hell and we end up jobless, at least it will be something we can live off of.  With this added cushion, if all is looking well by the Fall (we’ll be able to forecast better then) I think a trip to Disneyland will be in our calendar.  This makes me really happy because we had so much fun last Spring when we went there.  I was a little sad thinking that would have been our last visit there before we left.

Probably the biggest positive is more time with friends and family.  This I can’t really put a value on, as it is invaluable.  I now feel so much better that I have a chance to tell my parents much earlier.  Since it has all come about in this fashion, I feel better bringing this up to my parents as a long range goal and something that they can wrap their heads around in their own time.

So, I guess, as friends have already told me, all things happen for a reason.  I have always believed this and I needed the time to get my emotions in check to absorb this fact.  We will continue to progress with wrapping up this house and packing as the seasons pass and we no longer need things.  Fish even suggested that we can start redecorating this house now and then we can move with better furnishings all at one time.  Especially since IKEA will be 2 hours away from where we are moving to!  We need to get all that good stuff in the here and now.  Heh.

Thanks again for listening.  Thank you so much for the support and not making me feel like a big ol’ failure.



2 thoughts on “March 14, 2011 Dust Settles

  1. That Fish is smart. IKEA buying frenzy, woohoo! 😉

    I’m glad you are feeling better about being able to tell your parents more ahead of time. I think that will be better too.

  2. Selfishly, I am glad you’ll be here longer. I was starting to get really sad about your move. But I know you must feel a lot of disappointment. I wish I could hug it away.

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